I am photographer from West Bromwich in the West Midlands, where I am currently situated whilst studying at Coventry University. I first began photography in Secondary School, where I picked it as an option to take alongside my other subjects. From there on out I have loved taking photographs, mainly landscapes and architecture, as I spent a lot of my childhood exploring the outdoors as much as I possibly could. After taking A-levels at the same school, I decided to pursue photography because I wanted to turn something I consider a passion into a career.

My practice:

My personal practice as a photographer is ever-evolving in accordance with my knowledge of photography. Currently, portraiture has been a significant interest of mine, because it’s something that I hadn’t previously explored, and is slowly becoming a significant aspect of my practice.

My current practice primarily involves working with community. I work with people to produce work for people that seeks to benefit them, using the visual medium as a method of presenting oneself and communicating some sort of message to the intended audience. This involves projects such as ‘POLSKA / ANGLIA’, which focuses upon the young Polish male living in the West Midlands, their experience of migrating to the UK and the inner workings of their current lives. Another project that fits this bracket is (currently titled) ‘Eastside’, a documentary project that follows a small Birmingham based skate crew as they work tirelessly to produce their own vision and put it back out onto the streets.