Utilising the photographic medium, photographer Finn Byrne provides young Polish males with a platform of representation during a time of social unrest political uncertainty.

Whilst gathering research for ‘POLSKA / ANGLIA’, Byrne discovered that the West Midlands is home to one of the highest percentages of Polish migrants in the UK, which hasn’t gone unnoticed during the past 20 years he has spent living in West Bromwich. However, he has noticed that even after the Brexit vote, local and general elections, under the surface, anti-migrant feelings are remain present.

The following images were produced in response to this underlying feeling, with the aim to inform those who may feel this way of the lives of the individuals they do not know, providing an inside perspective that they would not otherwise allow themselves to access. 

The featured individuals are first-generation migrants aged 16-21, all of which came to live in the UK during the early 2010s with their families. This shared history has formed a tightly-knit sub-community that Byrne himself has been apart of for almost 10 years, despite not being of Polish heritage himself. Having experienced  being a part of this community for such a long time, Byrne is confident that his own inside perspective accurately depicts his subjects and that his research will help create a change in the way his subjects are perceived.